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Developed with a low lifecycle cost in mind, the V-150’s modular design enables system customisation and functional development, with air maintenance carried out at unit level. Units can be accessed, removed and repaired in a very short timeframe during operations, a unique offering in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market.

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Recent worldwide media attention has put unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the spotlight. Their many different applications make for great headlines - they are being used for military purposes in...

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REPORT- 2 February 6, 2017 Dept. of Aerospace Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Design of UAV VTOL Box Wing Aircraft Submitted by: Group 14 NAME ROLL NUMBER JOB PERCENTAGE Mayank Shukla AE16M007 REPORT WRITING 17 Mayank Joshi AE16M016 AIRCRAFT SKETCH 20 Alok Biswapratap Pani AE16M023 AIRFOIL DATA COLLECTION 16 Nitin Kumar AE16M025 GRAPH AND TABLE FORMATION 17 Piyush AE16M026 ... The APT 70 is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) design powered by an electric-hybrid propulsion system. It completed its first autonomous flight in August 2019 and its first BVLOS flight last July. The aircraft has a range of 35 miles, top speed of 100 knots and is capable of carrying payloads of up to 70 pounds.

Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS) is a joint venture between Israel-based BlueBird Aero Systems and Cyient. Through this partnership, we are combining Bluebird’s 15+ years of experience in tactical unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology with Cyient’s 27+ years of engineering, mapping, avionics, and manufacturing experience to deliver field-proven and fully autonomous UAV platforms—from ... Jan 29, 2010 · VTOL Technologies says that the patent-pending design offers three to four times the endurance of current VTOL UAV’s using an equivalent power source as well as faster cruise speeds. When compare to fixed-wing UAVs, the Flying-Wing is said to achieve twice the endurance. Thrust-vectoring for greater versatility