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Konar, Duradel, Nieve, and Chaeldar will be able to assign Lizardmen as your task. Like a boss 200 Konar, Duradel and Nieve will be able to assign boss monsters as your task, excluding the Corporeal Beast. Bigger and Badder 150 Increase the risk against certain slayer monsters with the chance of a superior version spawning whilst on a slayer ...

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For the fastest Slayer XP, it is not recommended to use Konar. So, the only two Slayer Masters you should be using are Nieve or Duradel. Nieve's most common slayer task is actually a JAD task, which is very different to Duradel's most common task, which is Abyssal Demons.

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Konar is significantly lower xp/hr and task/hr. Based off your goals i'd stick to nieve (make it steve) and go do konar on your bonus point tasks (10th, 50th, 100th, etc) if nieve is feeling too monotonous just go do some Konar to break it up, getting the keys can make slayer slightly more amusing.Fotogenius es una plataforma de organización de concursos fotográficos digitales. La aplicación permite crear salones digitales de fotografía, tanto nacionales como internacionales y gestionar las participaciones a los concursos.

Vea los mapas de nieve prevista para las inmediaciones de la región Rudbar. Mapas de tiempo elaborados por · There is the newly introduced Konar, assigning Slayer Tasks at a specific location, with a twist of dropping keys to the Brimstone Chest that has a range of rewards useful for Ironmen. Nieve, or Steve if you have done Monkey Madness 2, assigns high level tasks, and is one of the only 3 Slayer Masters that can assign Boss tasks.