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Rear notch sight adjustment. While I do own a PA-63 I'm unsure if the rear sight is indeed adjustable. It does appear as though one could slide it back and forth by tapping with a small hammer or such there are no discernable screws or such that would make such an adjustment permenant nor allow it to be delicate enough to be useful. I'm fairly certain there's nothing of this nature on the ...

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Secure and modular attachment of mount lights, bipods, and other accessories such as the included Picatinny sight rail makes the RUNE a must for any rifle build. Technical Specs. Caliber: AR-15; Length: 12.4″ and 15.2” Dimensions Inside: 1.47” x 1.63” Dimensions Outside: 1.65” x 1.81” Weight: 5.45 oz and 6.55 oz; Total Weight: 9.25 ...

KBI Inc of Harrisburg PA was the importer. FEG Receiver that says made in Hungary. No visual canting of the front sight or gas tube. Fit and finish is way better than any WASR I've seen for similar prices.